Aluminum Alloy Gears

Aluminum alloy parts CNC machining factory Noble has 15 years experience in CNC machining. We have professional equipment, technology and engineers offer best service to you.

Product Description

  • Machining Service: CNC Milling & Turning.
  • Materials applicable: Aluminum AL6061, Al6063, AL6082, AL7075, AL5052, A380 etc.
  • Surface Treatment: As Customer’s Request.
  • CNC Machine’s speciality: High precision, High Automation, High Efficiency, High Quality, Processing Complex Parts.
  • Inspection equipment: 3-dimensional measuring instruments, projectors, test machines.
  • Rules of Products Management: 1). The craftsmanship of all machining parts is controlled rigorously. 2). Each size of machine parts must be tested one by one after completing production. 3). Every product has its own process card and process chart. 4). Every product will be carefully packed to prevent the bump and rust in transit.
  • Quote requirement: Please kindly send us the drawing of your machine parts. Details below should be included: 1. Materials; 2. Surface Finish; 3. Tolerance; 4. Quantity.
  • Shipping method: By Sea (it’s cheap and good for big order), By Air (it’s very fast and good for small order), By Express, we have much discount account of FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc… (door to door service).
  • Model Number: N0007.
  • Brand Name: Noble.
  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China (mainland).
  • Noble smart manufacturing technology: We are a professional and reliable manufacture in machining various kind of spare parts. We own many high precision equipment such as 4/5-Axis Machining Center. Till now, we have experienced team over 15 years in machining area, and we extend our expertise to provide our best service, not only being more effective but also seeking for a win-win cooperation.

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